4 09 2008

I’ve been astounded recently at the incredible people that I call friends and family. As I look around Dialogue Church I am literally amazed at the passion, creativity, and generosity that I see. People who are more than just people; heroes in their own little corner of the world, shining God’s light in dark places. I realized again and again that…

I’m blessed.

I’m blessed to know Kyle over at, who recently posted these words on his blog:

However, in those next 10 minutes that I sat there, God broke my heart for whoever it was that was going to be change.
I cried. (not saying that you don’t really feel God until you cry)
I felt pain for that person.
I was able to pray specifics without knowing what they were.
Then something happened that scared me.
It didn’t just scare me though.
It changed me.

You really should read the rest of his post. The honesty and passion is overwhelming. I want to care for people like he cares for people.

I’m also blessed to know Rachelle. For those of you who don’t know her, she is your average twenty-something bartender, passionate Christ follower, and daily Starbuck patron. And when you meet Rachelle you discover in well under 2.3 milliseconds that she is the most generous person that you may ever meet. Whether she is paying for your St.Arbucks, or genuinely asking how you have been doing, you know that in her mind, you come first. Recently Rachelle took in her four (FOUR) nieces and nephews. She has become their primary care giver and embarked on the daunting task of unraveling years of pain, abuse, and neglect in their lives. I want to be like Rachelle.

Then, I came across these words on Ashlee’s blog (

My heart cannot let go of Him. I can fight and doubt all I want and still He would be there, loving me. Maybe that’s what He wants? I think it is. I think God wants us to question and dig deeper, because it means that we are really in relationship with Him. That me wondering is really loving Him at the deepest levels.

She goes on to say…

To everyone who I know that is not a Christian: I know you don’t understand. To be honest I don’t really either. I do know that my heart cannot let go of this love that has been given to me. And I thank all of you for helping me to question. Yes, it’s hard and I know I don’t have answers. In a way everyone who has helped me “doubt” has made me a better Christian.

I wish that I could tell you how I felt when reading her words. Some writers just have the ability to crawl into your heart and read the graffiti. Ash writes with such authenticity and creativity that my only reaction is to pray and cry. Please, stop what you are doing, and go here to read the rest of the story. I want to know God like Ashlee does.

Dialogue Church is blessed with so many creative and inspiring people, and I’m blessed to be a small part of their stories. Wait till you hear about Jill battling chronic pain, and Hannah getting crazy creative with the video camera, and Sherry’s heart breaking for people she never thought she could love, and on and on and on. I can’t tell all of their stories, but they are there waiting for you to discover. And they are in your church, at your school, in your office, on your bus, and in your dorm. This week, I implore you, break the silence! Move across the aisle! Open your heart!

And Join the Conversation!

(Yes, I stole this pic from Ashlee’s blog.)