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Start Up Team Meeting 05.04.08
May 6, 2008

Start Up Team Meeting 05.04.08

This week marked the third gathering of the start up team. Attendance was down. I must admit that I was confused and frustrated by the sparse attendance. Following last weeks attendance surge with an off week was somewhat depressing. Research revealed that many of our family were out of town or under the weather and so we pressed ahead. We missed the rest of our team, but had a very productive meeting nonetheless.

Ashley started the meeting by leading us into the presence of God with prayer and worship. She shared from her heart about the difficulty and confusion that often accompanies trusting and following God. We prayed for the many needs represented by our team. We also prayed that God would unite us and give us all the determination that we need to commit to this calling.

We discussed our tendency as Christ followers to want an easy and trouble free journey. The team resolved that any pursuit of God would be filled with wonder and awe and frustration and exhilaration, but never with ease and comfort. We prayed that God would comfort us in the areas that we are uncomfortable, and that he would make us uncomfortable in the areas that we’ve grown too comfortable.

We then discussed the financial needs of Dialogue Church. We resolved that we would have a church rummage sale on June 14th at Keith and Kimberly’s with all proceeds going to our launch budget. If you have items to donate, contact Kyle. We also discussed the importance of following our individual hearts’ leading concerning making donations to Dialogue Church. Since we have not yet received non-profit status from the state of Indiana, we are unable to provide a tax write off to donors. During this season, we encourage everyone involved with Dialogue to give to any ministry they feel led by the Spirit. Donors of course are welcome to give to Dialogue, or to any other church they are currently attending. Some would like to set back their tithe during this season and give it in one lump sum after Dialogue receives its non-profit status. This is welcomed, but with one caution: if giving one large lump sum would be difficult for you (and for some of us it would be!) then you and Dialogue Church would be better served by tithing elsewhere now. It boils down to this, Dialogue Church will not be hurt by any of us following the leading of the Holy Spirit when it comes to giving—even if it means that you give elsewhere! There is not now, and never will be any expectations that Start Up Team members hold back their tithe for Dialogue Church!

We then discussed the topic of membership at Dialogue Church. We agreed that the vision of Dialogue Church would be better served by organizing without legal members. We believe that membership in today’s church falsely implies that the church is to be led through a democratic process of campaigning and voting. Members with agendas are prone to become lobbyist their position or viewpoint. We desire to be led by the Holy Spirit and through godly leadership. Dialogue Church will encourage our family to join in mutual commitment and submission to each other through a process similar to membership but without the legal headaches of yearly business meetings and elections. We will provide an in depth statement on this at a later date.

We ended the meeting with a call for everyone’s input and questions. Dialogue Church is first and foremost a conversation, and we need to hear your voice. If you have an idea or a question, please post them in the comments of the article “Got Questions”.

Gaby ended the meeting with prayer (that rocked my socks off…pretty much).

Rummage Sale
May 6, 2008

As you are all aware of, we have a budget to meet (check it out here). $45,000 is a lot of money, but with God ALL things are possible! We are excited to do our first Church fundraiser—and all church Rummage Sale Saturday, June 14th. We have set a goal of raising $2500 during the sale. The Spieldenner’s will host as a part of their annual neighborhood rummage. Every year this sale attracts thousands of bargain finders, and we are going to ready to meet their demands. We are asking everyone on the team—or who believe in this vision—to give generously. We all have junk in the garage or attic that we could part with, and we all have more than we deserve. Let’s put it to good use!

Here a few things you might need to know:
1) All proceeds are going to Dialogue Church’s budget.
2) All donations need to be at the Spieldenner’s by Thursday, June 12th.
3) If you need help getting your stuff to the sale, contact Kyle at 765.
4) Amanda will be in charge of pricing all items (but I’m sure that she’d love your help!).
5) Jamie will be organizing the sale of food and drinks.
6) Kimberly will be overseeing some fun activities for kids!
7) We will be passing promo materials for Dialogue Church to sale patrons.

If you have any ideas, comments, or questions use the comment box below!

So What Is Dialogue Church
April 26, 2008
Dialogue Church is not a facility or a religious exercise. It is not organized around any particular spiritual discipline or denominational affiliation. It is not a way of reconciling one’s self with God or filling the emptiness inside. As a matter of a fact, Dialogue Church is not a church in any common understanding of the expression.

Dialogue Church is a dream—a dream that pulsates within the heart of a handful of passionate Christ Followers. A dream that believes that the church can be more than what it is. A dream, that believes that Yorktown can and will be captivated by the grace, peace, and love of God.

Dialogue Church is a calling—a calling that compels followers of Christ to breakdown the walls that divide us. A calling that transforms churchgoers into change agents active in God’s redemptive plan. A calling that moves us to love our corner of the world with the same passion that Christ loved us.

Dialogue Church is a challenge—a challenge to move beyond our selves and our desires and to engage our city in a conversation. We are not the spiritual elite we are the broken—the poor in spirit desperately rethinking what it means to connect with God. We are not spiritual gurus, but we offer companionship to anyone on the quest to know God. We are not theologians; we are artists searching for beauty in the midst of doubts, chaos, and questions.

Together, we live the dream, answer the call, and face the challenge. And together we are Dialogue Church.


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