The “Weight” of Sin

1 05 2008

During a creative worship session, we wanted to give our students a sense for the “weight” or “burden” of sin. We announced ahead of time that everyone should bring an old backpack or tote bag to service. During the meeting students moved in small groups from station to station where they dealt with and discussed various areas of sin relevant to their lives. Each station contained a pile of bricks. After each discussion students were encouraged to reflect on their own life and add one or more bricks to their bag. As the morning wore on it was powerful to see and feel the weight of our own sin! Then we wrapped up the morning with a time of confession and repentance where everyone dumped out their bag of “sin” at the foot of a cross.

Some of my favorite moments were seeing a tiny 7th grade female student labor up the stairs with her bag and yet refuse help because it was “her sin”. Another memory is of a strong football player agreeing to carry the bag or “burden” of his sister.

Overall it was a wonderful time. Hope it works for you!

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Blogger Small Group :: Thoughts on James 1:1

29 04 2008

“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:”

James knew his audience. He wrote to the twelve tribes scattered among the nations. How many time do we as Christians and, more specifically church leaders, take the shotgun approach to our ministry? We try our best to appease everyone and, in so doing, reach no one! We sprinkle our services with a little bit of this and a little bit of that like sugar coating on a cake. We attempt to satisfy all age groups and personalities; is it any wonder that we come off sounding like a politician running for office?

James took a different approach. He narrowed is focus like a laser pinpointing its target. He spoke to the lost nation of Israel.

Dialogue Church is different. It’s not designed to reach everyone. We have no expectation that the masses will come running. We are perfectly fine with the fact that Christians will be more comfortable in more traditional churches. We aren’t targeting them. We believe that the Traditional Christian Church has become experts at reaching Christians for Christ. We are reaching to a new generation—an emerging culture. We are listening to those who are asking questions. We are journeying with those on a spiritual pilgrimage. We connect with others as artist finding beauty in the chaos and doubts. We are convinced that we have much to learn and so we invite others to ‘join the conversation’.