The Heart of A Generation–Hope

7 03 2009

Hannah killed it with a video on Hope that closed out “The Heart of A Generation”.

Would you like “The Heart of A Generation” to come to your church? We’re scheduling for summer now! Email me at .


The Heart of A Generation — Desktop Graphic

6 03 2009

I’ve had a couple people ask me if they could get the graphic to use as a desktop. Well, here it is!


1280X1024 Click here to download.

The Heart of A Generation

5 03 2009

So I realize that I haven’t been blogging again. What can i say? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…

But, I had to post this.

Last weekend the students of Dialogue Church expressed their heart in art, drama, and dance. Here’s the video.

vagabondrun DOT COM!

27 01 2009

Kyle’s blog just hit the big time! No more lazy finger excuses for not visiting his page. No more callous building workouts while typing the loooong url. Now it’s just!

Check it out.

Love Birds

22 01 2009

Here’s the pic of Steve and Connie from the Family Dinner at Fazolis.

They still got it!

About As Good

13 01 2009

I was hanging out with Nick the other day at Starbucks and we were talking about Dialogue Church. If you didn’t know, Nick and his family recently relocated from Kokomo to Muncie and became part of our church family.

Nick has a way with words…

When I asked him what he thought about Dialogue, he said, “It’s about as good as you’re gonna get in Muncie.” I couldn’t stop laughing and teased him about it all night. I found this pic of Nick and could resist making another promo for Dialogue. Feel free to save the image and use it to invite your friends to Dialogue. I mean, honestly, they’re not gonna find much better…in Muncie anyway.


BSU Posters

9 01 2009

Here’s the artwork for our outreach this Saturday.


The posters look great! Thanks to Jessica at for the great design.