About Me

My name is Ryan. I’m a follower.

I follow Christ–at least I try to. The journey has been wonderful, challenging, gut-wrenching, stressful, and beautiful. The journey brought my soul to life in an eruption of love and grace.

I invite you to walk with me.


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28 08 2008
crown of beauty

Hi, I came across your blogspot today while looking for an image of dandelions. The search engine led me to your blog. First, I want to ask if it’s okay with you if I use the picture I got – two dandelions being blown in the wind. Beautiful photo.

And second, your blog is beautiful…thought provoking. I’m sure I’ll be visiting again to read more. Thanks for your honesty. It’s refreshing.

28 08 2008

@crown. Thanks for your kind words. I hope that the steps of my journey might serve as a guide (or perhaps a warning!) for those who walk in these ways.

You are more than welcome (as far as I’m concerned) to use the Dandelion photo. I’m not sure where I acquired it, although I’m sure that I didn’t take the photo myself. I know that i did not get it off of a stock photo website so I’m sure that you would not be violating any copyright.

If you are ever in central Indiana, look me up.


10 09 2008

what a wonderful thing to know u r following christ and walking the walk , its the hardest but most rewarding thing there could ever be! Always keep your eyes up never ever look down…. you will stumble! You will always come out on top since you have chosen this path! believing, there is nothing better than that!

24 09 2008

I see that you forgot your “and I owe my coolness to Jessica” or “Jessica taught me how to be cool and use the pen tool” or anything…It’s never too late to make revisions :)

29 08 2011

Hey Ryan…I’ve been thinking about you and your beautiful wife. Long time since I got to see you both. God is good. I pray that you are both doing well. Know that you are both loved!

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