17 01 2009
Tire Tread

Tire Tread

Authorities in Cape Coral, Florida are on the hunt for a shoplifter with tire tracks on her back. A T.J. Maxx security guard told police that a woman was caught stuffing six designer purses into her pants and then fled the scene only to be run over by her getaway car…twice.

Eyewitnesses said that she tried to get into the car but fell out and was run over by the car. Not knowing what to do NEXT, she jumped onto the hood of the fleeing getaway vehicle as it passed by for a second attempt. Her grip failed and she was flung from the car, and…run over again. On her third attempt she made it safely (?) into the car!

We’ve all had those moments when we just didn’t know what to do NEXT. Hopefully it wasn’t at the scene of a double hit-and-run. Join us tomorrow at Dialogue Church as we try to learn how to be led by the Spirit of God as we move from “where we are to where we want to be”.




2 responses

18 01 2009

No worries, my grandma is fine.

19 01 2009

Wow, guys. Between this story and that comment, this gave me a good laugh.

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