Atheists Hit the Road

6 01 2009

(I originally found this story on )

In reaction to a Christian marketing campaign, a group of British atheists have launched a media blitz of their own. The “British Humanist Society” has purchased advertising space on 800 buses rolling through streets of London and 1000 posters perched in retail districts and subways. Their slogan, “There’s Probably No God…Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life,” wages holy war with church propaganda on bumper stickers and billboards.

I think it’s amazing!

I don’t know what church the Atheist organization is reacting against, and I have no idea what the offensive message was, but I am thrilled. People are listening! People are reacting! People are joining the conversation!

How long has the church been ignored? For how long has our message fallen on deaf ears? Thank God that people are listening again. I can only imagine the financial investment it must have taken to purchase ad space in London on such scale! I wonder how many good people with real questions got together to plan the bus adds and billboards. It only happened because the church opened the door for conversation. Let’s meet them where they are and dialogue! Let’s get real with our own worries, and then sit down and listen to theirs. Let’s take their advice and enjoy life! Really love and laugh and wonder and experiment and LIVE!

Let’s listen.

And let’s join the conversation.




One response

7 01 2009

I have to smile at the picture you posted with the bus ad story. They said there’s “probably” no God. They’re really not “sure” so there is hope for reaching them. :)

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