Found this in my bathroom

19 09 2008

We left our home in the hands of some of our Dialogue family last night while we attended the kick-off of the Muncie “On Location”. I found this piece of art when I got home…

I love these people…

Head back to for more creative chaos.




6 responses

21 09 2008

that’s so awesome.

26 09 2008
Dorothy Holland


26 09 2008

I’ve decided to convert to the old WordPress style blog instead of myspace : I added you to my blogroll, FYI.

1 10 2008

Needs to be put on a bumper sticker of something.

12 11 2008

so, i thought that my break dancing was supposed to inspire you to start blogging again…..

…guess not.

I mean seriously, I put myself out there, join the blogging world, and you stop blogging. you’re gonna need to work on that. not that you’re busy or anything…. :]

14 11 2008

Yeah..what “my beautiful love” said. Blog, er..uh “dialogue” already. :)

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