We Coffee You–Flyer

15 09 2008

Here’s the artwork for our upcoming coffee outreach. Our goal is to convey to our community that Dialogue Church cares as much about what they have to say, as we do about what we have to say. We want more than to “convert” them, we want to know their story. We’re planning on sending 1000 people and the guest of their choice to Starbucks on us, in the hopes that people take time to connect deeply with the people they love.

How many marriages will be saved?
How many apologies will finally be said?
How many children will say tell mom or dad “thanks”?

We don’t know…but we are privileged to invite our community to…
[join the conversation]

Before we go to print, give me your thoughts!






10 responses

15 09 2008

Truthfully…I love this.
Especially now that I can see it.
Read it.
This is going to be a great outreach.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this plant.
Of this team.
Of this family.
Of this home.

I’m thankful beyond words could ever tell you.


16 09 2008

Thanks Kyle! We wouldn’t be Dialogue without you!

I found one mistake. Can anyone else find it?

16 09 2008

Is it the “you dont have (but are welcome to) join us”

Missing the “to”

If not then Idk.

16 09 2008

Ok, not to throw off your whole initiative, but here’s another idea.

What if instead of starbucks you had gift cards to a local coffee shop (don’t hear me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against starbucks). I live in Holland, MI and there are two spectacular local shops (JPs and Lemonjellos). Is there anything like that in Muncie?

Because then here’s my thought: along with empowering anyone to take someone out for coffee you, they would all have to go to the same location. Imagine the sense of belonging between the two people sharing coffee as well as the three or four tables full of people from Dialogue!

Anyway, just a thought I had as I sit here in Lemonjellos drinking a splendid iced latte (drinking iced things when it’s ‘cold’ out makes me feel like I’m boycotting winter). I know it’s probably way too late for new ideas…

17 09 2008

Kyle spotted it (good eye!).

It’s off to print!

17 09 2008

Oh, @jimkastkeat. You are on to something here. Luckily (since we’ve already sent to print) there are only a few coffee shops here in Muncie. I think that we can pull that same thing off at the local starbucks. I’m going to roll this out to the church this Sunday and we’ll talk about being at Starbucks ourselves to meet and converse with the people coming in. What better way to introduce people to “the church” then all of us being there playing games and laughing and talking!

I love these ideas! You sure you don’t want to move to Muncie?!

17 09 2008

Ha! If I did move to Muncie it’s nice to know that there’s already a community I like! But until then, GR is a great place. Although I still call it the wrong west coast.

26 09 2008
Dorothy Holland

I really love the no strings approach…

1 10 2008

Interesting approach. Different and seems like it would have results.

It is lacking the directions to the church. Also a way to get in contact with you besides the webpage but that may be the audience you are trying to reach.

Thought maybe inviting them to a small group first before the church might work. Then it could be more of a discussion with the coffee them.

At any rate looks good.

22 10 2008

I really like the front. I think it’s exceptional design work…haha.

Are we watching the office tomorrow? I may think about coming over if that’s the case….haha

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