Key’s Brochure–Inside Spread

13 09 2008

Thanks for the comments and emails on the outside layout!

Before we go to print, I’d like everyone’s feelings on the inside. Here it is:

Thanks for looking!




3 responses

15 09 2008

Is that “we’re not theologians” bit a quote from someone? Or did you write it yourself? I definitely agree that we are artists searching for beauty in the midst of doubts, chaos, and questions.

It looks great! And good to see that life in Indiana is still happening.

15 09 2008

I think I wrote it, but it’s completely possible that I heard it on a podcast or read it somewhere. At least I don’t remember where I stole it or who I stole it from!

Yeah, things have been a little quiet as we’ve been gearing up to make Dialogue Church official. Lot’s of good things on the horizon though.

I’ve got some more artwork that I hope to upload and get some feedback on soon.

1 10 2008

Seems to be aimed at a younger audience. Good.

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