Brochure Idea–Creative Chaos

4 09 2008

I’m working on a brochure to help spread the word about Dialogue Church. Our goal isn’t to market our church, but rather to give our people a tool to use when they interact with people in our city. I want to produce a brochure that our people will be proud of and give them the confidence to enter into the lives of the people around them. We want the product to be good art–for art’s sake, not for the sake of being “cool”.

Muncie is a college town (Ball State University) in a somewhat floundering mid-western factory city. The residents range from university elites to blue-collar workers. We’d like for this brochure to appeal to a wide audience, but plan on using variations on this theme for students, and seniors.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’d love to hear what you have to say.



The brochure will be a card that will open to reveal an inside spread. What you see here is the front and back cover. The inside will tell more about who we are and what Dialogue is about. I haven’t got that layed out yet.

Thanks for looking! And for your comments!

Now head back over to for more creative chaos!




4 responses

11 09 2008

Love the keys picture with the idea of dialogue….nice imagery.

12 09 2008
dorothy (vicar of vibe)

Really like your tag line.
And the brochure is eye catching and would make me want to read more.

13 09 2008

Thanks for the input. Going to print soon. I’d like to get comments on the inside layout though first. Stay tuned and I’ll have it ready to post.

1 10 2008

Like the design. Simply wondered about the phone number. But maybe that is what you are aiming for.

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