Found this in my bathroom

19 09 2008

We left our home in the hands of some of our Dialogue family last night while we attended the kick-off of the Muncie “On Location”. I found this piece of art when I got home…

I love these people…

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18 09 2008

A friend sent me this add. I’m thinking of doing something like this as a promo for Dialogue Church.

What do you think?
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Thursday’s “On Location” Starts Tonight!

18 09 2008

Tonight is the kick-off of our Discussion Group in Muncie. We will eat free food, watch a killer video, and get to know each other in a more real way.

Show up at 6:30.
We eat at 7:00.
Video starts at 7:45.
We’re out at 8:30.

We will be meeting at Jim and Sherry Boysel’s house.
8301 W. Weatherstone Ln

Use mapquest if you want to print directions, or follow the map below!

Come ready to…
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We Coffee You–Flyer

15 09 2008

Here’s the artwork for our upcoming coffee outreach. Our goal is to convey to our community that Dialogue Church cares as much about what they have to say, as we do about what we have to say. We want more than to “convert” them, we want to know their story. We’re planning on sending 1000 people and the guest of their choice to Starbucks on us, in the hopes that people take time to connect deeply with the people they love.

How many marriages will be saved?
How many apologies will finally be said?
How many children will say tell mom or dad “thanks”?

We don’t know…but we are privileged to invite our community to…
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Before we go to print, give me your thoughts!



Key’s Brochure–Inside Spread

13 09 2008

Thanks for the comments and emails on the outside layout!

Before we go to print, I’d like everyone’s feelings on the inside. Here it is:

Thanks for looking!

It’s Official

8 09 2008

It’s official…I’m sick.


7 09 2008

How I wish you guys could have seen this pic today at Dialogue. So much of what we talking about was resting on this piece of art…

Well it’s here for your viewing pleasure now. If you look closely you can see the musical notes wafting towards heaven. I love that.

What’s your favorite part?

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