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21 08 2008

When was the last time you sat down with your spouse and had a heart to heart? Have you been relying on “Hallmark Cards” to tell your Mom how much she means to you? Is there someone that you need to apologize to? Are you feeling a little distance in between you and your best friend?

Have you got something to say?

It’s hard to make time to sit down and connect with the people you love. Schedules, responsibilities, even finances can keep us from open, heart-felt dialogue.

So have a cup on us.

Dialogue Church believes that good communication is the soul of healthy relationships. So we want to buy you and that special person a cup of coffee. We can’t say what needs to be said, we can’t make it a priority for you, but we would be privileged to send you and a friend to Starbucks on us.

Swing by Dialogue Church any Sunday before November 1st, and we’ll put a Starbucks gift card in your hand. Then its up to you, and the conversation that coffee creates.

That’s it. No strings attached.

You won’t be asked to do anything. You don’t have (but are welcome to) join us for our worship experience. You don’t have to wear your Sunday best (please don’t—you’ll stick out). You aren’t expected to have something to good to say. Just show up, grab a card, and…

Join the Conversation.

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21 08 2008

Love this – who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? At Capital, we put a gift card for coffee in every gift bag for our kiosk in the lobby. It’s a great conversation starter.

21 08 2008
Dorothy Holland

Who doesn’t love Starbucks (o.k. a few people don’t)! We also have a *$’s card in our welcome kit. I like the promo write up, is it on your website?

21 08 2008

brilliant idea.

and if I read it right, this is more than a ‘thanks for visiting’ gimmick. but this is something you’re giving to anyone and everyone in dialogue church. am i right?

because that’s brilliant. what a great way to develop community and encourage belonging.

21 08 2008

Thanks for the complements! And for your insight!

I am especially interested in your thoughts on the “write up”. I’ll be sending this off to print soon and really want to nail down the wording.

@jimkastkeat Yeah, this is for our community AND for our family at Dialogue. As a matter of a fact, we almost didn’t do it because it sounded too much like a marketing gimmick. We just couldn’t figure out how to get a gift card into the hands of people who would actually use them without asking them to come to us. Financially it just wasn’t possible to put a gift card in everyone’s mailbox–because we knew that many would go unused. Anyone have an idea of how we can distribute the cards without asking them to come to us??

22 08 2008

I love it. I’m almost tempted to come down to Ohio just to have a cup of coffee!

Distribution is a tricky problem. Could you do it in a ‘pay it forward’ kind of way? Such as, a handful of key leaders + volunteers get a couple dozen coffee gift cards and they’re supposed to take three or four people out for coffee for no other reason that to have coffee together. And then after coffee they give the person two or three gift cards and tell them to take someone else out to coffee and then give them a gift card and tell them to do the same. And if anyone ever runs out but still wants more free coffee, then they come to you.

But that all seems like a quick way to run out of money. And that’s not good either.

Either way, this is still a fantastic idea. If you’re ever in Grand Rapids, I’ll take you out for a cup of coffee!

22 08 2008

Wait, I don’t know why I thought you were in Ohio. Dialogue Church is clearly in Indiana!

For some reason I thought Muncie was in Ohio.

22 08 2008

@jimkastkeat. I love that idea! Yeah, we’ll do both. We’ll hook our family up with a couple cards each and send them out to take someone to coffee. And, we’ll get them into the hands of people in our surrounding community via some sort of flyer/add/postcard.

Maybe we could give everyone two cards and tell them to use one to take someone to coffee, then give their guest the other with the instructions to take the card and someone else out for coffee?

We are going to run out of money fast!

22 08 2008

@jimkastkeat. And I’ll take you up on that coffee! I’ve only been to Grand Rapids once, but I plan going again. My wife, worship leader, and I were up there Easter of this year. We’ll be back.

22 08 2008

Let me know when your up this way again and we’ll set something up.

And keep us all up to date on how this coffee bit goes!

23 08 2008

This is going to be great to see and to participate in for sure.

These are the things that we have to continue to do to be different. We can talk all we way, but until we act on our words we are no different than any other church/family.

Sweet deal PR.


23 08 2008

at first i was like wow, 10 comments. but half of them are yours pr, so i’m not as impressed. =] haha.

anyway, love this. you know i do, but what about the people who don’t like coffee? i mean, i know that there is more than just coffee at starbucks.
i’m just saying that everyone loves a good cookie. c=


2 09 2008

*waiting for another update*

You spoiled me with two updates back to back. So here I am again, waiting…

13 09 2008
Lovin Dialogue « Run’n Like A Vagabond

[…] Coming up in the next couple month Dialogue will be starting their first major outreach. This outreach is centered around coffee. Everyone loves coffee(especially when it’s free St.Arbucks). Everyone loves conversation. To read more about this outreach from the words of our pastor, check out Ryan’s blog here. […]

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