6 06 2008

Have you ever wondered what your friends were up to? How their day was going? Or, what their plans were for the weekend? Well, wonder no more: Twitter to the rescue!

Twitter allows you to keep up to date with your friends and family by sending out short messages from your phone or computer. You create the message and twitter automatically sends it to everyone who follows you! You also receive updates from the people that you know and follow. It’s a great way to stay in touch. And best of all its free! (If you choose to receive twitter updates via your mobile phone, standard text messaging rates apply.)

I intend to use Twitter to keep everyone updated on the day to day affairs of Dialogue Church. I’ll post updates on meetings I’m having, people who are joining, events we’re doing, ideas I have…just the day to day stuff of running a church. Since Dialogue is a conversation, I’d love for you to follow my twitter and let me know what you think.

I’ll also use Twitter to post what I’m doing personally–prayer requests I might have, pictures of the slow-poke trying to write a check at Wal-Mart, random thoughts wandering through my mind, etc. And I want to know what you’re doing as well! We aren’t just a church, we are a family. This is one way we can stay close the other six days.

So hit me up on twitter. Here’s how:
1) Go to
2) Sign up for an account. (It is free.)
3) Add your cell phone if you want to get updates on your phone. (Click on Devices.) Remember, that standard text messaging rates apply. If you don’t have a text messaging package, contact your mobile provider. It is pretty cheap.
4) Follow people that you want to receive twitter messages from. (Follow me at:

It’s as simple as that!

Once you’ve signed up, leave a comment with your twitter name so we all can follow you!

(If you have any questions, ask them in the comments and I’ll step you through the process.)




4 responses

7 06 2008
Scott Fillmer

Got you on my list, welcome aboard

8 06 2008

If you don’t know Scott, you should check out his blogs at and at . It’s a great read.

24 06 2008

ahh so your the one @vagabondrunn is working my phone into overtime with. Consider yourself followed. Nice to meet you! I enjoy reading kyle’s side of the story about the church plant maybe now I will get another side of the story.

3 07 2008

Update?? Sometime.

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