Someone’s Got Sulfur Balls?

19 05 2008

I never would have believed it if I hadn’t heard it from my own brother. It’s true. My brother’s next-door neighbor has sulfur balls…

If you’re wondering if a new STD is wreaking havoc on the youth culture…that’s not what I’m talking about. Sulfur Balls, as it turns out, are (supposedly) the petrified remains of the “hell-fire and brimstone” that God rained down upon Sodom and Gomorrah in an attempt to satiate his hatred and satisfy his wrath. And my brother’s next-door neighbor carries one…in his pocket.

Yep. My brother got “witnessed” to.

I know the last sentence isn’t exactly grammatically correct, but who has time for proper English when heaven and hell is on the line? If you are a Christian, you know what I mean. If you aren’t part of the flock, “witnessing” is when we Christians share our faith with you _____________________ (fill in the blank with reference of choice: “seeker”, “pagan”, “non-Christian”, “lost”, “eternally damned”, etc). It is an incredibly frightening experience and something that we’ve known since camp that we were supposed to do, but something that we don’t do very well.

Please forgive us…

But come on, Sulfur Balls—in your pocket! Is that how we attempt to share the story of Christ with those around us? The neighbor not only had the Sulfur Ball, he had a neat pamphlet (tract) to go along with it. The tract contained several full color pictures of the ancient ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah complete with descriptions of the ferocity of God’s attack. The tract ended with the prayer of salvation and web address for more information.

I believe that we can do better than that! Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the fact that the zealous neighbor was out there giving it a shot (he claims that he passes out 30 Sulfur Ball pamphlets a day!). And I admit that more often than not, I wimp out and let opportunities pass me by…but I still think that something has got to be done about the way we share our faith!

Do I believe that God is a righteous God? Yes.

Do I believe that God judges evil? Yes.

But do I believe that God wants going around and scaring the bejeepers out of people so they’ll repent and visit our web site. NO!

The Bible says, “It is his kindness that leads us to repentance” (Rom. 2:4). God is waiting patiently, hoping that one more person will come to know him! He longs for us to reveal Him as the giver of all good gifts and the creator life to the full! He sent His son to be a friend that sticks closer than a brother! We’ve got a lot to talk about!

If that person you pass on the street today, or the woman sitting next to you at Starbucks, or the student checking out in front of you at Wal-Mart, if they only learn one thing from you about the God that we serve, please don’t let it be the Sulfur Balls…

(In case you think I’m making this up, here’s a pic.)




3 responses

21 05 2008

I agree. I have found that it is not the “momentary witnessing” that we do that makes an eternal difference, but the way we live our life and the love that we show others that speaks lounder than words.

3 06 2008

I agree also. But I am sure that when the guy got done “witnessing” to your brother that there was no question in your brother’s mind where he stood and what he believed. I hope that the people I am surrounded by at work and everywhere else that I go and talk to people can get the same impression from me and know exactly where I stand and what I believe. You have to give the man kudos for boldness which – myself included – most of us lack when trying to share our faith with others.

11 06 2008
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