Dandelions and Doubts

1 05 2008

I sprayed fertilizer on my yard. Fertilizer–stuff that makes grass grow! What kind of insane masochist came up with the idea of intentionally causing your lawn to accelerate its growth thereby requiring additional hours on the lawnmower? At least my mower has a shock absorbing seat and two cup holders! (But that is a topic for another post.)

So I sprayed my yard; but not to fertilize the grass, I sprayed to kill the dandelions. I remember back when I thought dandelions were beautiful flowers punctuating the lawn like commas in a run-on sentence. Flowers in the yard were a bonus! Why bother planting them in neat rows and in window boxes when nature sprinkled them through the grasses? We scraped their yellow heads across our cheeks like Indian war paint and inked the sidewalks with their yellow nectar. And their finale was brilliant–a fluffy white globe of seeds that fell through the air like paratroopers on a secret mission.

It must have been easier to find beauty in those days. Now I hunt them down like escaped prisoners. I loathe them for having the audacity to grow in a place of their own choosing—outside of my control and boundaries. “Aren’t I the king of this castle?” I ask myself rhetorically. “I decide where flowers grow and where they don’t!” “What if I don’t like green and yellow together?” I rationalize.

I guess in a world where life seems out of control we obsess over the few areas we can control. I just wonder how often, in our demand for control and our appetite for organization, do we poison beauty? What if we could learn—or relearn—to see beauty in the chaos and meaning in the mess. What if we, like God were on a mission not to eradicate pain and doubt, but to redeem them? What if the dandelions were safe?

But honestly, I don’t like green and yellow together.




3 responses

5 10 2008
Leo Saldanha

Dandelios are just beauty as they exist. What would happen if Dandelios were in the side of men.? would they say: ” I don’t like this human being together with that other of different colour…??

16 12 2008

wow u really had problems wen u were a kid

21 04 2010

haha.. dandelions are soo beautiful they just fill my heart when i blow them. Yellow and green are both beautiful colours.. thats probably why you have a hard time seeing them together.. :D/… dandelions are too gorgeous to be the garden.. thats what i like to think.. :D

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