…and protest

23 04 2008

We all need a bowl to swim in. My bowl is a big one made up of a lot of people who loosely refer to themselves as “Protestants”. It’s a word that I guess had some significance generations ago when people were content to be defined by what they were not. They were not Roman Catholic. They were Protestants. They stood in opposition to what they saw as abuses in the Roman Catholic Church. They refused to be silent. They refused to look the other way. They were Protestants. They protested.

What about today?

As Christians we do a lot of stuff. We do church, small group, bible studies, music festivals, outreach projects, mission trips, charity fundraisers…it almost never ends. And it’s all good stuff. The problem is that we can get so absorbed into the Christian routine that we forget about the world around us! We forget about the pain, the emptiness, the epidemics, the victims, the malnourished, the “least of these”. A friend of mine wrote, “Forgive and forget. Yes we will soon forget and that’s what needs to be forgiven.”

We must remember.

We must remember, and we must protest.

So do all the stuff. Go to the meetings. Attend the festivals. Do what you do…and protest.




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16 03 2009


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