17 04 2008

Rob Bell said, “The tradition then is painting, not making copies.” Wow! That is it! Christ left it up to us to paint Christianity for today. What does it look like? What colors should we use? What do we do if someone doesn’t like the picture? Do we paint to please ourselves? or others? or God? How do we flesh out the faith for today? How will we address the misconceptions people have about Christ? Why is it considered evil to keep painting–to keep creating? What do we have to fear?

I am convinced that the most beautiful picture is still Christ! We just have to paint it! The picture that will captivate the heart and arrest the soul is still one of God reaching out to man through his Son. I am not pleased by the fact that so many are repulsed by yesterday’s portrait! I refuse to make another dull copy and spend (or should I say ‘waste’) my life trying to convince others that it is beautiful!

God help me see the beauty in the story. Help me to paint in such a way that jaws drop and souls hunger to know you. The picture isn’t sacred, painting is! Create. Become.




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22 06 2008

I sometimes wonder, if God himself is so creative, and all of his creation is so distinct. How is it that the church today is continuing to produce “replica” after “replica”? I mean if no two snowflakes that fall look alike, why is it that we try to represent God void of his creativity. We love and appreciate our friends and family because each of them brings something unique and different into our lives. How then can we make claims that “christians” should all look the same. I believe that by creating these “replicas” we are ripping God off, and stripping away the beauty that lies within each of us, through him. If we look at our surroundings it is clear that God is continuing to paint beauty for us! Isn’t it time that we do the same!

22 08 2008

love it. what a great quote for a church plant.

22 08 2008

Gotta give props to Pastor Rob for that one. When I read him, I feel so connected to what he’s saying; it’s like I wrote it. Do you know what I mean? I feel like my words are coming from his heart…like my spirit is resonating with his.

It is both reassuring and humbling to know that what God is speaking to you, isn’t just for you. It’s for the church. His voice is loud enough for us all to hear.

22 08 2008

I’m with you there. I love it when I read something and it just shouts so clearly. Rob’s always been pretty good at that.

I can’t wait to read his new book. And he’s back teaching at Mars Hill on Sep7!

22 08 2008

I’ve been jonesing all summer waiting for him to get back in the groove. I assumed he was away writing–but hadn’t heard anything about a new book. Any idea when it comes out?

23 08 2008

October. There’s a review up on Out of Ur. And I think you can pre-order it on Amazon.

It’s basically a book form of a few sermon series from the past year. It looks great!

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