17 04 2008

You know what I love about myspace?

I love that everyone is ‘real’. You can find out a lot about a person by reading their blog, scanning through their comments, studying their bio, and looking at their friends.

Oh I know that everyone is lying. Just like we do all day everyday. We aren’t really ourselves, we only show people what we want them to see. We want them to see a person who is fearless and sexy and confident and cool–so we fill our myspace with sex surveys, bikin wearing super-models, the trendiest new music, and a whole lot of slang and cussing.

But you can learn a lot from all of the lies–from all of the pretending. Do we sign on myspace and pretend to party? Do we sign on and pretend to be a player, or a gangsta, or a goth, or whatever we happen to think is cool? Is it all pretend? All fake? Just a way to impress people and climb the social ladder??

I don’t mind. If that is who you really are. I love being real. I don’t expect non-christians to “clean up their mouth” around me. I’m not offend when people who don’t know Christ fill their life with sex and parties. It’s authentic. It’s who they are…

But is there any wonder why so many so-called “Christians” struggle to keep their relationship with God strong when they fill their life with sin? Jesus died to free our life from this stuff. His death freed us from slavery to sin. Do we even want to be free? Then why do we log onto myspace and pretend?

Maybe we’re not pretending when we log on…maybe we are pretending when we go to church? Maybe we pretend when we’re at church, go to camp, or are around our ‘Christian friends’?




3 responses

17 04 2008
Pete Wilson

“maybe we are not pretending when we log on. Maybe we are pretending when we go to church”. Wow! I’m afraid you’re right on.

17 04 2008

I was pleasantly surprised to come by here and see some words that had meaning instead of that dreary, ERROR.

2 09 2010

this really do make sense.

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